Good News!

We are all great for telling others our ‘bad’ news, but what about the good news we each enjoy from time to time? We held our very first ‘Good News Assembly’ last month! It was wonderful, and full of positivity! Each class sent Miss Cafferky some ‘Good News’ headlines, which she then cleverly used to create a powerpoint and bulletin board. We watched the powerpoint during the assembly and had a close look at the display. Have a look above, or even better, come into school on Friday and take a closer look! Some people are moving house, some people have a new pet while others are entering competitions and celebrating their loved ones’ good health!

Not only that, but each class also nominated somebody in their class who they find to be kind and caring. It was a very proud moment for those whose names were called out in assembly! Thank you to Miss Percival and Ms Cafferky for the great ideas!

This display, courtesy of Ms Cafferky and Miss Hogan, captures the kindness we can show to others using all parts of our bodies. Again, you are very welcome to come into the hall and see it for yourself on Friday mornings!