School Garden

The School Garden 2017-2018

We finally got to get out in the garden and children from Junior Infants, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes have planted lots of vegetables, most of which should be ready to harvest in September.

The tulips which 5th class planted last autumn are in full bloom. They add a great splash of colour and brighten up our days.

The Wellies are back!

Senior Infants planted up the wellies with marigolds, violas, bizzie lizzies and lobelia. Don’t they look great?

The Water Butt

The water butt (installed in 2015) has been great for providing water for watering our garden.

Our Vegetable Patch


As anyone with a garden knows, they can be a lot of work! Luckily for GKNS, there are plenty of willing gardeners around the place, ready to get their little hands dirty!

Each year, every class is given the responsibility of one bed, which they must weed out, sow seeds into and nurture until harvest time.

As you can see above, we really do reap the benefits of all their hard work! This year, we had beetroots, onions, leeks and plenty of potatoes to sell at the front gate! Who knows what will be on sale next year!

Our Outdoor Classroom


When the weather is nice, we enjoy drama, art and all sorts of other lessons in the outdoor classroom. This wonderful resources enables us to breathe in some fresh air while learning! It is a real novelty for the children and teachers alike.

Our Garden Pond


The pond garden is proving to be a great habitat for wildlife. We have observed a fully grown frog, some baby frogs and there are even tadpoles in the pond, even though it isn’t the season. The frogs like hiding under things and in plants, so we have added some new ornamental grasses that we are sure they will like!

In the pond we also have rowboat bugs. If you disturb them they swim away really fast, using their legs like they are rowing a boat (which is how they get their name).