Tidy Schools

Tip, Top, Tidy!

image1At GKNS, we take pride in our school and try our very best to keep it tip top tidy!

We know that a tidy school can help us to stay safe, keep track of our belongings and focus properly on our work.

Each week, the ‘Tidy Team’ visit each classroom, unannounced and inspect for tidiness. The tidy team are a fussy lot! They have very sharp eye sights and carry clipboards and pens!

They check for correct use of paper, compost and rubbish bins, clean floors, zipped up bags, clean sink and library areas and of course, tidy teacher tables!

The class who makes the best effort each week wins and prize and results are displayed in the school corridor for all to see!

Please support your child in keeping our school tidy by encouraging them to bring home any rubbish from their packed lunch each day!