First Class

First Class

Summer Term

 We have had a very busy and interesting time since Easter!

By the way did you see our Fabergé eggs?

The first thing we learned about were owls.  We read a lovely book called ‘The Owl who was afraid of the Dark’, we learned a poem called ‘5 little owls’ and we made some amazing owls from beans, seeds and lentils:

We also learned the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ by Edward Lear and made our own owls, pussycats and pea-green boats:


Then we learned all about India.  This is just some of the things we learned:

The lotus flower is the national flower of India and is very important in the Hindu religion.

The peacock is the national bird of India.  A group of peacocks is called an ostentation.

We wrote our names in Hindi:

And Ms.Cafferky gave us henna tattoos!

She also helped up make a rangoli pattern from chalk and rice.

For International Day, we dressed up in Indian style clothing or as an Indian animal.  We did a lovely Indian song and dance for all our visitors and we travelled around the world by visiting all the other classrooms.  It was a fantastic day!


We have learned a lot in First Class and are really looking forward to going into Second Class!

February and March

First Class have been working hard.  We started off February by doing a detailed study of daffodils!

After looking at them for a long time and drawing them, we did some beautiful watercolour pictures:


And some 3D daffodils using coloured paper:


For Seachtain na Gaeilge we studied all things Irish!  We did dome beautiful Celtic writing, like the monks who wrote and illustrated the Book of Kells:

We studied an Irish artist who went to college in Dun Laoghaire: Graham Knuttel and used oil pastels to create pictures like his.


Ken from Cuala came and played hurling with us.

We also created abstract paintings using 40 shades of green which we mixed ourselves.


In Maths we are learning about 3D shapes.  We made some models using marshmallows for the vertices and cocktail sticks for the edges.


Here’s how they turned out.


First Class have had a very busy November.

We adopted a tree in the playground and learned all about what happens to it in autumn. 

We did prints using its leaves:

treeWe did an experiment to see how much chlorophyll was in the different coloured leaves:

experiment-1               experiment

We made leaves for our windows:

autumn-leaves-3               autumn-leaves-2              autumn-leaves

We even decorated our door with falling leaves:


Then we learned about hedgehogs.  We wrote a book of hedgehog facts:


We made hedgehogs from clay:

cimg4637               cimg4636

We made bar charts using data on what a hedgehog ate in one week:


Then we had Science Week……

We did loads of crazy experiments!! One of them even exploded!!

science-4                science-3                  science-2


It was really fun!!


Welcome to First Class.  We have been very busy since September.  We have been working very hard and have learned lots of new things.


We learned about lots of different mini-beasts and we made spiders and bees:

spiders-and-beesWe painted dragon flies:


We did a survey to see which mini-beast was our favourite:


Family Trees

We made family trees:


We also made these houses:


Math’s Week

Have a look at these hats we made for Math’s Week!