First Class

First Class


We are in 1st Class now and there are lots of new things to get used to. We stay in school for a longer day. We are also in a new playground and we get to have a class football. We have a new teacher this year. We are happy that we are in one classroom together again. We have been learning about how we belong together.

‘We Belong’ Tree

We’ve also been learning about different places we belong and how God takes care of us always. We read a Bible story about “The Lost Sheep.” We made our own lambs.

We have been learning all about ourselves. We made self-portraits in art. Ms. Wolfe wouldn’t let us use pencils or crayons, we could only use scissors and different coloured paper. It was a little tricky.

We’ve been learning about our history. We made a timeline of our lives. It was fun to think of all the things we’ve done while we were growing up. We were also learning about our names and how we got them.

We learned about spiders. The spider head is called a cephalathorax and its body is its abdomen. A spider has two little pedipalps that help them hold their prey. We learned that spiders can hide in small gaps and spiders have 8 legs and 48 knees! Spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. We made spider web pictures in art and we made posters about spiders.

So far 1st Class has been great!