First Class

Welcome to the First Class page!

We started the year, getting to know each other and ourselves a little better. In art we made paper collages of ourselves and our teacher wouldn’t let us use pencils at all. We used mirrors and really tried to make our pictures look just like us. We turned it into a giant game of ‘Guess Who.’



We did a project all about our names. We interviewed our parents about why they choose our names and some of the answers were very interesting. Some of our names come from other countries and mean unusual things.



We learned that our names are special and that God knows each of us.


Chloe and Gillian from the Irish Women’s Hockey Team came to visit us. They let us hold their medals and gave us their autographs. They told us about when they used to go to our school.




In history, we made timelines of our lives so far. Lots of interesting things have happened to us already.



Hallowe’en came around quickly and we had lots of fun with it. We read a scary poem called ‘A Dark, Dark Night’ and then wrote our own versions. When we were happy with them, we typed them in computers.



In art, we made ghosts to decorate our classroom.


We read a horrible potion that Shakespeare wrote and then tried making our own. We acted it out in drama too. Then we did made some potions with jelly and sweets.


When we came back to school after midterm, autumn had definitely arrived. We made pictures of the autumn trees and in science we learned about moving air when we made whirlygigs.



We learned lots about squirrels and wrote reports about them too. We collected fallen leaves, pressed them and used them to make pictures of squirrels.



In STEM week, we did lots of fun activities. We had a different engineering challenge each day. Then we did experiments with floating and sinking. We made our own boats and then saw if we could get them to float.





We started celebrating Christmas in December. We learned about advent and the very first Christmas.



We learned all about reindeer and did funny Rudolph the Reindeer art.



We learned about how they celebrate in other countries and read the ‘Legend of the Poinsettia.’ We also made some felt poinsettia for our Christmas trees.


After the Christmas holidays, we made some New Year resolutions and made firework pictures.


January was cold. We learned about the story of Jack Frost and made pictures of how we imagined he looked.



We did printing in art with bubble wrap to make it look like snow.



In maths we’ve been learning about much bigger numbers. We’ve been using the 100 square and we played with them on the tablets.



In February, we celebrated Kindness Week. We practised being kind to our families, our friends and to ourselves. We all felt very special by the end of the week.



We also got to do some very exciting gymnastics.



We learned about Chinese New Year, and the legend of the Chinese zodiac.