First Class

Welcome to the First Class page!

February, March and April

In February we had lots of snow in Ireland when the Beast from the East came to visit. One day it was so bad that only some people came to school. It was great fun. We played snow games and then went out sledding and building snowmen. Then we watched a movie and had hot chocolate.

We did an experiment using the snow too!

Seachtain na Gaeilge was great fun this year. We celebrated all things to do with Ireland. We sang songs and learned new words in Irish and used them to play new games. 6th Class had an Irish shop and we got to buy anything we wanted. We had to do our shopping in Irish and it was fun!


We learned about a local Irish artist called Graham Knuttel. We looked at some of his cat paintings and then made our own using oil pastels.

At the end of Seachtain na Gaeilge, we all wore green. The whole school went outside and we had a céilí. We performed our dance that we had been learning in P.E.


We learned all about St. Patrick and the special things he did. We made a shamrock man to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day too.

We’ve been using big numbers in maths and learning all about tens and units. We are so good at big numbers that we helped our teacher count all her lollipop sticks! We put them in tens to make it easier.


In art, we were also learning about how we can use lines to show textures and shapes. We made pretty pictures of birds. Everybody’s bird started out the same but they all look very different now!

We got ready for Easter in lots of fun ways. We learned about the Easter story and we did Easter art. We made Easter cards in Irish and we even got to bake. We made chocolate nests out of cereal and we decorated them with eggs and chicks.

Everyone in the whole school took part in a sponsored walk at the end of April. We had great fun walking up Killiney Hill. All the cars had to stop and wait for all the children to cross the road. When we got back we were very tired but we had a nice surprise. There was popcorn and water for everyone!


When we came back to school in January, we celebrated the New Year by making pictures of bright, glittery fireworks. We learned about New Year’s resolutions and made some up for ourselves.


It has been very cold lately. We learned a poem about Jack Frost and we imagined what we thought he looked like. Then we did some collages of him using interesting materials.


We made pictures of snowmen too and added snow to the picture by printing with bubble wrap.

We had Kindness Week in February. Everybody in school practised being everyday heroes. An everyday hero is someone who always tries to do good things for others. We sang songs, made superhero post boxes and pictures, and we even got to wear some superhero accessories to school.

We also learned about St. Brigid who was a very kind person. She spent her life looking after people who were poor and sick.

On Internet Safety Day, we learned lots about being safe online.  We know that we should keep our personal information private, that we should always talk to an adult when we feel worried about something and we should only say kind things to others online. We made a big jigsaw picture together.


Autumn is here and the trees are beginning to change. We made tree pictures in art.

This month we have been learning all about shapes. We made shapes with our bodies in P.E.



 We went on a hunt outside to find shapes in the world around us. We even learned how to use the cameras to take pictures of what we found.

We made pictures on the computers using only shapes.

When we knew lots about shapes, we had a shape party! We made a triangle party hat and sang a funny song about it. We ate shape food and played shape games.


We had lots of fun during Wellbeing Week. We learned that it’s important to take time out to rest our brains. We did colouring, playing with playdough, listening to music and animal yoga to help.

Then it was time to get ready for Hallowe’en. In drama, we pretended to make a disgusting potion and then we made jelly potions too. We made ghosts and spooky pictures to decorate our classroom.



We are in 1st Class now and there are lots of new things to get used to. We stay in school for a longer day. We are also in a new playground and we get to have a class football. We have a new teacher this year. We are happy that we are in one classroom together again. We have been learning about how we belong together.

‘We Belong’ Tree

We’ve also been learning about different places we belong and how God takes care of us always. We read a Bible story about “The Lost Sheep.” We made our own lambs.

We have been learning all about ourselves. We made self-portraits in art. Ms. Wolfe wouldn’t let us use pencils or crayons, we could only use scissors and different coloured paper. It was a little tricky.

We’ve been learning about our history. We made a timeline of our lives. It was fun to think of all the things we’ve done while we were growing up. We were also learning about our names and how we got them.

We learned about spiders. The spider head is called a cephalathorax and its body is its abdomen. A spider has two little pedipalps that help them hold their prey. We learned that spiders can hide in small gaps and spiders have 8 legs and 48 knees! Spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. We made spider web pictures in art and we made posters about spiders.

So far 1st Class has been great!