Junior Infants

February to April

It was very exciting when the snow came! We had lots of fun playing in the snow outside.


We used blocks of ice to paint with to see what it was like.

We were learning all about how plants grow. We played in the garden centre. We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and planted our own bean plants! A gardener came to visit us and we planted radishes. We put daffodils into coloured water and had to predict what would happen. We were amazed to see the flowers changing colour!!


 We used potatoes to print tulips – it was a bit messy but fun!

Here we are in the Doctor’s Surgery. We have been busy looking after lots of patients. We often need to use a stethoscope or thermometer to see what is wrong.


We were very lucky to have a visit from a doctor who showed us x-rays, how to use a stethoscope, take blood pressure and bandage something. It was great fun!

We have changed a lot from when we were babies – we made our own timelines. It was great looking at all of our photographs.

We imagined that what we might look like when we are older.


We mixed colours to see what happened. Have a look:


We had a busy time getting ready for Christmas. We were excited to help in Santa’s workshop. We had to design, build and sort all the presents ready to be delivered!


We looked at the similarities and differences between toys now and toys in the past. We noticed that lots of the toys now have batteries and move. There are more plastic toys now too. We made our own cup and ball game which was great fun. It was hard to catch the ball in the cup. Have a look:


We dressed as angels and shepherds for the nativity service. We sang Away in a Manger.

Here is some of the art we did before Christmas.

Since coming back to school in January, we were learning about cold places and some of the animals that live there. We know that polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins in the Antarctic. We read the story ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ and heard about the emperor penguin waiting for their egg to hatch. They have a long time to wait on the ice!


Here we are painting with ice:




We have been learning lots about animals!

We had a pet shop set up in the classroom; it was great fun learning about all the different pets we could have and how to look after them.



We sorted animals depending on their body coverings (feathers, shell, fur/hair, skin or scales) and learnt a song about them.

We painted pictures of pets.


We made some wax resist fish bowls. We drew our fish and coloured them in crayon. We then painted over our drawings with a blue paint wash and it didn’t stick to the fish.

We learnt about the vet and how they look after animals that are sick. We had a vet surgery set up. It was great fun wearing the white coat and making the pets better. Some pets needed x-rays, some pets needed vaccinations and some pets needed to have a bandage put on.


We were even able to make our own animals out of junk art!

 Science Week

We had great fun during science week. We did the experiment ‘Dancing Raisins’. First we had to predict what might happen when we put in the raisins – would they float or sink? Then we watch them start to dance!


We also did the skittles experiment. We watched and waited to see the colours move from the skittles and into the water. It looked like a skittle rainbow in the end!


We thought about and designed our own inventions.


Have a look at our lovely pasta necklaces. We were learning all about patterns. Patterns are everywhere!



We have been very busy settling into school and getting to know all of our new class.

Our theme this month has been Myself. We looked at the artist Paul Klee and drew our own self-portraits based on his work.



We also made handprint pop art, it was lots of fun!

We drew pictures of our families.

   We have had lots of fun playing in the role play area – here we are at the birthday party. We were busy getting everything set up before the guests arrived!


We have been practising our cutting. We had to cut and sequence the story of the Birthday Party. We did a really good job!