Junior Infants

Welcome to Junior Infants

June Update

The Doctor’s Surgery

We were learning all about the work of a doctor. We learned a lot new words and practised them while playing in our role play area. Lots of patients needed x-rays, bandages and medicine to make them better.

 It was very exciting when the ambulance came to visit the school. We got to go inside the ambulance and have a look around. The siren was very loud!

We also had a visit from a doctor who talked to us about digestion.

We also made some x-rays using cotton buds and PVA glue.

Growing and changing

We have grown up and changed so much since we were babies. We thought about all the things we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were younger. Natalie’s little sister came in to visit our classroom to. Her Mum told us all about looking after a baby.

We made our own timelines and loved looking at our photos!

We also made collages of what we might look like when we are older.


We noticed lots of changes during Spring. We went on a nature walk around the school grounds.

We set up a garden centre in the classroom and enjoyed buying and selling plants, seeds and bulbs.

We listened to the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and planted our very own beans!  Hopefully there won’t be a giant at the top!!

We made lovely printed tulips. We used potatoes to print the tulips.


We looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘sunflowers’ and used this as inspiration for our own pictures.


We were learning all about the lifecycle of the hen. We put some eggs in an incubator. Finally, after 21 days we heard some cheeping from inside the shell. We noticed a little hole and soon a chick had hatched out! It was very excited and we loved watching the chicks grow and begin to get their feathers.

Art Week

We focussed on Jackson Pollock during art week. He was very famous for his drip painting technique. We looked at his paintings and discussed them.

We used squeezy bottles, pipettes and string to recreate his art work. It was a bit messy but lots of fun!


We have had Ken from Cuala for the past few weeks. It has been fun learning how to play hurling.

We really enjoyed active week. There were a lot of different activities to try out during the week. We did gymnastics, co-operative games, dancing and orienteering. On Friday, we wore our team colours and did stations. We also had a Daily Mile event on Friday, we had to run 13 laps of the playground!

#November / December


We were learning all about animals in November. We had to think about what a pet needs – the correct home, food, water and exercise. We practiced being vets when animals aren’t feeling well. We had to use stethoscopes, thermometers, bandages, medicine and x-rays to make the animals better.

We made animals from junk art and worked in groups to make animals from the building blocks.


We had lots of fun working in Santa’s workshop! We had to design, build and wrap a lot of presents. One of the most exciting parts was getting to open the present after all the hard work.

Have a look at some of the artwork we did getting ready for Christmas…


January / February

Cold places

We were learning about cold places in January. We heard how an igloo is built and pretended to stay in one. We know lots of facts about polar animals now too! We used ice to paint with. We found that it worked better once the ice started to melt a little.


In February, we are exploring food and have been playing in the supermarket and the restaurant. We had to write shopping lists before going to the shops. We made lots of play dough food that looked delicious! We loved listening to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and managed to retell the story ourselves. We even painted pictures of the caterpillar.

We heard how milk is made and thought about all the other dairy products we like e.g. ice cream, yoghurt, cheese and butter. We even made butter in the classroom and tasted it, it was delicious!

We have been very busy settling into Junior Infants. We have been getting to know everybody!


Kindness week

We were working hard to ‘Choose Kind’ during the week. We practiced giving compliments to other people in the classroom, we wrote thank you letters to somebody at home and we enjoyed doing a collaborative art with 5th Class. We listened to the story of Elmer and made our very own colourful elephants!


Look at us doing gymnastics! It was lots of fun



Our theme for September was myself. We looked at the artist Paul Klee and made self-portraits based on his work. We had to draw our picture and then cover it with tissue paper.

We also made some handprint pop art, it was lots of fun!


We were busy playing in the birthday party. We had to get everything ready before all the guests arrived. We had to make some birthday treats too with playdough.



We have been practising using a scissors and cutting very carefully. We put the right number of candles on the cake.


The theme for October was the farm and harvest. We loved playing in the farm shop. It was hard to keep all the fruit and vegetables in the right boxes!

  We enjoyed listening to the story of the Three Little Pigs. We even made some pig pictures!

We thought about the little pigs’ homes and our own homes. We made junk art houses of our own. It was very exciting designing and creating our own house!


We heard the story of The Little Red Hen too. She had a hard job doing all the work on the farm. We retold the story as a class. We then made bread to eat like the little red hen– it was yummy!