Junior Infants

Welcome to Junior Infants



Our topic this month was animals. We enjoyed learning lots about how to look after animals and the homes that they live in.

We made some animals in groups from the giant polydron blocks.





We made some junk art animals and enjoyed sharing them with the class.



We played in the pet shop. We had to decide what each pet would need before we bought it.



We also learned about what the vet does if an animal is sick. It was fun working in the vet surgery!



We used playdough to make lots of different animals.



We were learning about patterns and noticed of patterns all around us. We designed our own pasta pattern necklaces!







We were very busy getting ready for Christmas during December. Santa’s workshop was so busy! The elves had to build, wrap and sort all the presents.



A sleigh needed to be built…




We designed and wrote Christmas cards to give.


We discussed old and modern toys. We know some things have changed a lot, but some things have stayed the same. We loved making and playing with our own cup and ball game.


We sang very nicely in the Nativity Service. We were dressed as shepherds and angels.

Have a look at some of our Christmas art work.



This month we were learning about Polar Lands. We heard about the penguins in the Antarctic and the polar bears in the Arctic.

We played with the animals in the snow.


We designed and built igloos in groups.



We used ice to paint with!




We made some printed robins, we used potatoes instead of brushes!



Our theme this month is food.

We were working in a restaurant. There were chefs, waiters, waitresses, customers. It was a very busy place!




We designed and wrote our own menus.


We learned how butter is made and made our own. It tasted delicious on some crackers!

We sorted fruit and vegetables into two groups. We know that it is a fruit if it has seeds.




Look at our wonderful writing about the food we like to eat.


We created our very own clay pinch pots. They looked lovely and colourful when they were painted.



Junior Infants have been very busy settling into school and getting to know each other. The topic this month was myself. Have a look at all the things we have done…

We drew self portraits



We made hand-print pop art.




We enjoyed playing in the kitchen and at the birthday party.


Look at all the socks we were washing and hanging out!


We were busy building houses with the giant polydron blocks. It was great fun!




We enjoyed listening to the story of the Three Little Pigs. We retold the story and made the three houses – straw, sticks and bricks.












We also made houses from junk art.

We enjoyed playing with the small world to set up houses and homes for the figures.






The topic this month was farming. We were learning about the different animals on the farm.

We also noticed the changes during Autumn.

Look at how we set up a small world farm.




We painted scarecrows



We even made some junk art scarecrows too. They look fantastic!




We made some Autumn trees, we printed the leaves using toilet rolls using lots of Autumn colours.





We listened to the story of the Little Red Hen and sequenced it. We then made some bread ourselves following instructions. It tasted delicious!