Junior Infants

Summer Term




We have been busy learning about the life cycle of the chicken. We put eggs into the incubator and waited for 21 days until they hatched! They didn’t look too nice when they came out of the egg though, they were still wet. Once they dried they looked really cute. We watched as they started to grow and got lots of feathers.

 Don Briggs and Naomi Peppard

Don Briggs and Naomi Peppard came to visit. They read their book “The boy who wanted a dragon” and Naomi showed us how to draw and paint dragons. We even had a go ourselves!

Literacy Week

We had great fun during literacy week. We brought our favourite books to school, designed new book covers, had a visit from Alice’s mum (a librarian), listened to lots of stories and even dressed up as book characters.

 International Day

We learnt all about Finland for International Day. We know lots of facts now and loved telling the other classes all of them! The flag is blue and white – blue for the lakes and white for the snow. The capital is Helsinki. Finland is bigger than Ireland. Moomin is very famous in Finland and there is even a Moomin Land you can visit. We heard that brown bears live in Finland and did some art. Luka’s mum came in to visit our class and told us lots of words in Finnish. ‘Moi’ is hello and ‘moi moi’ is good bye.

Active Week

Active Week was so much fun! We had different activities every day. We did a tug of war, yoga, mindfulness, dancing and lots more. We did active homework in the evening. On Friday, we dressed in our team colours and had a sports fun day. We did lots of activities and tried our best at them all.




We have been busy learning all about how things grow. We were shopping and planting in the garden centre. There were lots of flowers, seeds and bulbs to choose from.


We learnt about the parts of the plant – the roots, the leaves, the stem and the flower. We watched the coloured water travel up the stem of a daffodil and changed the colour of the flower!


We enjoyed listening to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and illustrated our favourite parts of this story. We even learnt a song all about Jack! We planted our own beans and hopefully they will be as big as the one Jack grew!


We had a gardener visit us. He loved hearing all about what we have learning and helped us plant some radishes. We knew that they will need water, soil and light to grow well. We are watching them to see how they are doing.


We looked at ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh. We drew our own interpretations of this picture. We did a really good job!


We made garden pictures. Have a look!

We went on a spring hunt around the school– we had to find some buds, green leaves, blossoms, daffodils and lots more.



We learnt two dances and performed them for the whole school – it was great fun!



We have been learning all about winter. The weather is cold and the trees are bare. We painted pictures imagining we were looking out at snow through a window.


We have also been learning about cold places and the animals that live there. We were polar explorers during Aistear time. We even learnt how an igloo is made and pretended we were living in one! We really enjoyed playing with some polar animals in the snow.


We read the story ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ which told us all about the Emperor Penguin. We were able to sequence the life cycle of the penguin ourselves:


Patterns are everywhere! We made lots of patterns with lots of different things – beads, teddy bears, pegs and camels. We even made our own pattern necklaces with coloured pasta. Have a look:


During Anti-Bullying week we were learning all about being kind to others. We made ‘Bee Kind’ bees showing two ways we can be kind. We loved giving each other compliments and the playground shuffle.




This month we were busy learning all about animals. We sorted them into different groups depending on their covering – fur or hair, scales, shells or feathers. We learnt all about the different parts of their bodies – wings, paws, tails and lots more!

The Pet Shop

We had a pet shop with lots of different animals for sale. We had fun pretending to be the shop keeper and the customers. We always had to think about what the animal would need. A hutch or a cage or a basket? What food does the animal like?


       The Vet Surery

We had a vet surgery too. We learnt about the people who work there (the receptionist, the vet, the veterinary nurse) and what they have to do each day.

vet1     pet-shop1

Here are some pictures of animals we painted!

painting2     painting1

Have a look at our junk art animals!

junk-art1       junk-art2

2D Shapes 

We were learning all about 2D shapes and enjoyed finding shapes hidden in the classroom –

the door is a rectangle, the clock is a circle!

We used some shapes to make pictures. Here of some of them:


Science Week

Science week was great fun! We did some experiments. We loved making raisins dance and watching the skittles lose their colour.

We planted sweet pea in pots.

dancing-raisins       planting       skittles


We are now settled into school and really enjoying ourselves. We have lots of fun! Have a look at some of the things we have done so far!

All about us

We made self-portraits! We drew the pictures in black crayon and covered them in colourful tissue paper,

then we painted the tissue paper with water and the colour transferred, they look really great!

20161005_135048   20161005_135053



We were looking at the signs of autumn all around us. We noticed the leaves were changing colour and falling down.

   cimg2508             cimg2507


We learnt all about the hedgehog getting ready to hibernate too. Look at our playdough hedgehogs! 


The Little Red Hen

We listened to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We were able to remember all about the story and retell it correctly. We even made bread!




Maths Week

We have had great fun during maths week. We went on a counting scavenger hunt in the playground.