Second Class

Second Class

Welcome to the Second Class page!

2nd Class have been very busy again this term.  One of the things we have been doing is learning about Brazil and the rainforest.  We did some group projects:

We learned about the blue morpho butterfly and the red eyed tree frog and loads of other animals:

This year we also learned how to knit!  Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to help us!  These are our monstrous creations:

Arts Week

The artist we studied for art week was Picasso.  We did portraits, sculptures and still life:

Active Week was fantastic again this year.  Thank you Ms.Richardson and Ms. Perrott for organising it for us.  Here are some of the photographs:


2nd Class had a very busy December, preparing for the carol service.  We also created this beautiful nativity scene:



We started the New Year by writing thank you letters to someone who gave us a Christmas present.  We posted the letters in the post box down the road:


We have adopted a tree in the playground so we learned about what happens to it during winter.  We did a painting of trees in winter and we did an experiment to see how water travels up through a plant:



2nd Class are very lucky.  We have been given an artist in residence by the Dunlaoghaire Rathdown  Primary Arts programme.  Our artist is a contemporary dance artist – Robert Connor and he is teaching us how to dance!  You can see more about this on the blog:


We had a fantastic week for kindness week where we learned to be kind to each other, our families and ourselves.  We made compliment posters, friendship circles and did gymnastics!


We are learning about all things Antarctic: icebergs, penguins, leopard seals and much more.  We even made our own waddle of Rockhopper Penguins!










Second class have been working hard.  We  started the year with a superhero theme and have decided that honey bees, earthworms and trees are all superheroes because of all they do for the environment.  Here is some of our work:

We painted superhero capes using only primary colours.  Each cape has its own special power:

We learned a lot about honeybees; we made an anatomically correct model of one:

We painted an amazing honeycomb using wax crayons and water colour paints.  We all made our own cell:


We all made posters giving lots of interesting information about the honey bee:


We did some beautiful sunflowers in oil pastels, because honeybees love flowers:


Then we started investigating earthworms.  We made a wormery and observed the worms for a few days.  We made cartoon posters with interesting facts and funny pictures and we did some 3D drawings that really look like worms!