Second Class

Second Class

Welcome to the Second Class page!

Second class have been working hard.  We  started the year with a superhero theme and have decided that honey bees, earthworms and trees are all superheroes because of all they do for the environment.  Here is some of our work:

We painted superhero capes using only primary colours.  Each cape has its own special power:

We learned a lot about honeybees; we made an anatomically correct model of one:

We painted an amazing honeycomb using wax crayons and water colour paints.  We all made our own cell:


We all made posters giving lots of interesting information about the honey bee:


We did some beautiful sunflowers in oil pastels, because honeybees love flowers:


Then we started investigating earthworms.  We made a wormery and observed the worms for a few days.  We made cartoon posters with interesting facts and funny pictures and we did some 3D drawings that really look like worms!