Second Class

Second Class

Welcome to the Second Class page!

February and March

We were very busy the last 2 months, here are just a few of the things we have done recently.


We celebrated Seachtaine na Gaeilge in the weeks leading up to Saint Patrick’s day. The children took part in lots of different events. Here they are enjoying a tráth na gceist.

Oliver showed us his hurling skills during a really fun hurling lesson during Seachtaine na Gaeilge.


This term we learned how to make different things using clay. Here are out bowls and colourful tiles.


We got in the spirit of Spring with our very own cherry blossom trees. You can almost smell them they look so good!


It’s not long now until Easter so we learned all about how Jesus called some of his disciples to follow him.

Happy New Year from 2nd Class!

Here are some pictures of what we got up to in December and January.

Talent Show

2nd class are a very talented bunch so we decided to have a talent show to showcase their amazing talents.


This month we learned all about quarters and halves and what better way to show what we learned than making some pizza!


Want to know how to say the weather forecast as gaeilge? All you have to do is ask someone in 2nd class!


This month we are learning all about robots. The children are all making their own robot.


We made some very colourful jellyfish using papier maché. Look at them ‘hanging out’ in our classroom!



Last week we celebrated thanksgiving with the American student Miss Nobbe who is in the school for a few weeks. She taught us all about how Thanksgiving started and we did some thanksgiving drama and art. Unfortunately the only turkeys in this lesson weren’t edible!


Science week

This month we celebrated science week. We got to take part in lots of fun activities including 2 science experiments.

Here are one group cleaning some copper coins. Baeli doesn’t think the vinegar smells very nice!


Welcome to the Second Class page! There are 31 pupils in our class! Here are a few pictures of what we have been getting up to so far this year.

Our Art Work

We created some very interesting Picasso inspired self-portraits. Each one is colourful and individual to the child who created it. We are very lucky to have lots of very talented artists in our class. Here are some examples of this by Adam, Amy and Anna.


We also used different coloured paper and paint to create Halloween art. Luckily they aren’t too scary!


Under the Sea


We are learning about the life under the sea. We have learned lots about different sea creatures for example the sea turtle and its long life expectancy! This is our mural with a few of the sea creatures we have learned about.

The Titanic


We have also been studying the Titanic. All the facts we have learned are extremely interesting and the children have written excellent reports on the Titanic. 2nd class wrote acrostic poems about what they have learned so far. The children also painted their own Titanic. Here are some examples of the poems by Jessica and Florence and the paintings of the Titanic by the class.