Second Class

Second Class

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February Update

The first thing we did when we got back to school after Christmas was to write Thank you letters to someone who gave us a present.  Everybody loved getting their letter and we even got some replies.  Oscar’s came to the school!



We are doing a project on Antarctica, learning lots of interesting facts.  We have learned about Shackleton and his ship the Endurance.  We were very lucky to have a visit from a real life Explorer, Annie’s uncle, Mark Pollock who answered all our questions about his adventures!

We did some drawing of Endurance and made a huge model of her in our groups:


These are our icebergs:



We loved meeting Mark!



We finally go to erupt our Volcanoes that we made in November:




Second Class have started the new school year with a bang.  They have been working really hard and have already learned lots of interesting facts about spiders, bees and worms!

Have a look at some of our art work:



We painted an amazing honeycomb using wax crayons and water colour paints.  We all made our own cell:


We are all looking forward to a busy and exciting year!