Kindness Week at GKNS

We can use our bodies in many ways to show kindness to one another.

‘Our hands help us tidy away the toys we use. That is kind to our teacher and our friends. Nobody likes a messy classroom!’ Hannah McC, Cara, Jessica, Senior Infants


‘Sometimes, a hug from a friend can make you feel on top of the world. Sometimes it helps you feel less sad by showing you that people are there for you.’ Alannah and Tara, 5th

‘When we play thumb war we feel happy and relaxed! We make sure everyone gets to join in.’ Geoff and Sam 5th

‘My hands can help other people tie laces. Helping other people is good.’ Tilman, Senior Infants

‘My hands can say a prayer for other people’. Greg , 1st

‘We use our mouths to call to each other when we are far away! We never feel like we are on our own then!’ Loughlan and Amy,  Senior Infants

‘I use my eyelashes to tickle my mum’s face, it’s how I say I love you!’ Moya  4th

‘My fingers help me to write kind things. It’s so nice to get a kind note.’ Mark, 1st

‘When I play football my feet can allow me to make sure everybody gets a turn of the ball. Kindness is including everyone’. – Charlotte   6th

‘I can be a shoulder to lean on if my friends are down. I show kindness by being there for people when they need me.’ Alannah 5th 

‘My elbows help me to lift and carry things. This can be helpful to people. Helpfulness is a type of kindness too.’  Mia , 4th

‘My nose helps me smell the yummy food I get to eat! It reminds me to say thank you!‘ Teddy, 3rd