Third Class

Third Class

Welcome to the Third Class! 

Welcome to our 3rd Class page. We have been working really hard in 3rd Class. Here are some pictures of  some of the work we have done. We have done lots of our other work too including writing sums in our copybooks, starting handwriting with fountain pens, reading Charlotte’s Web, Treasure Island and lots more!

Have a look at these!

We have learned lots about pirates. We each got a pirate name and we drew self-portraits. Check and see what your pirate name would be!

(These names are a little bit different to the names we got in  3rd class)

We did some abstract bubble art. We drew circles and then coloured them in in different colours. They took a long time to complete but they look great!

We made pirate ship scenes. First, we created our background using chalk and paint. Then, we made our ships out of brown sugar paper and stuck them down.

The sails of our ships are made out of painted toilet rolls!

We have done lots of work learning about maps in 3rd Class. We made grid maps of our classroom and hid sweets in certain areas. One person had to give the correct location of the sweet on the grid map, while the other person had to find it. It was great fun!

We had our school calendar photos. Some of us dressed up in costumes. It was a great day.