Third Class

Welcome to the Third Class page! 

Welcome to our 3rd Class 2019/2020 web page.

We hope that you enjoy looking at our work…

We had Book Club in November. It was a great day. Everyone brought in a book that they recommended. We discussed them and Ms. Percival made a page with pictures and the names of each book for us all to bring home. It is not usually how a book club works, but it was handy for giving us ideas of good books to read over Christmas! We had hot chocolate while we read our books.






We loved watching the leaves on the trees change colour and eventually lose their leaves. This inspired two of our winter art lessons! We made these trees out of sugar paper.






We made these trees using only black and white paint on sugar paper. We used a wooden tool to scrap the tree bark onto the tree trunk.






We made these amazing snowflakes using a batik technique. We mixed flour and water to make a paste and drew our snowflakes on to a cut-up bed sheet. When it was dry, we painted over the flour. We let that dry for a day and finally picked off the flour.


We made these cute elves before Christmas.


We have been reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E.B. White. We drew Wilbur and coloured him in using oil pastels.


We made our own webs with white oil pastels and wrote hidden messages in them. We painted over the white pastel with water colour to reveal the messages.

Ms. Percival’s cousin, Jasmine, came to visit from Connecticut in America. She was ten in January (she got to have her birthday in Ireland, which was really exciting). Jasmine is in 4th grade and her school is very different to ours. They change classrooms for some subjects and have their own lockers to store their books. Jasmine loved visiting our school for the day and playing with 3rd Class, who were all very friendly to her.






We read the book ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. The Twits are horrible, mean and disgusting people who play evil tricks on each other. Mr. Twit has lots of leftover food stuck in his beard. We made our own Mr. Twits. See if you can identify some of the disgusting food in the beards!


We also read the book ‘Enemy Pie’ by Derek Munson. (There’s a twist at the end!) We drew some amazing pies. They look good enough to eat.



3rd Class wrote recipes for friendship. They came up with lovely ideas and Ms. Percival was really impressed with them.



We learned about pirates. We made these amazing parrots using oil pastels and a watercolour background.


During Kindness Week we made a poster based on a painting that Ms. Percival had seen before.


We did art based on ourselves. We wrote all of the things that we like or that we are good at inside our self-portraits.

Here are a few examples.



In Maths we created our own surveys to find out information about our class. Our surveys produced some interesting information.