Third Class

Third Class

Welcome to the Third Class page! There are 29 pupils in our class, 9 girls and 20 boys! Scroll down to see what we’ve been getting up to!


Scroll down to see what we’ve been getting up to this March.


This month we have started studying the famous dutch Post-impressionist artist. We enjoyed learning his history and studying his artwork. Check out our version of his painting ‘Sunflowers’ below:


We have been looking at air in science this month and carrying out many fun and exciting experiments to test the properties of air. Below are some pictures of us attempting to tip up a heavy book without lifting it and only using air. The only 3 items we had to help us were balloon, fan and a straw. It took us some time to figure out a successful method but we eventually tipped the book up.


We also experimented to show that air has pressure or force. To test this we put a piece of paper in a cup and lowered into a basin of water till it touched the bottom. When we took the cup out the tissue was still wet, we were shocked by the results.


We really enjoyed celebrating ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ this month. We took part in many fun festive activities like a Tráth na gceist and a céilí mór. We each chose our favourite Seanfhocal and illustrated them, you can see a sample of our designs below:


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Check out our colourful Fraction Kites. We displayed our knowledge of equivalent fractions.



We have been learning about Egypt in S.E.S.E this month. We have been learning about how the Ancient Egyptians lived all those years ago. In art we made Ancient Egyptian headdresses for ourselves. We also made ourselves into pharaohs as you can see below.


Happy New Year! We have been up to loads of new and exciting in this New Year. Scroll down to see what we’ve been getting up to this January.


Third class have taken part in the ‘Write a book’ project, we started working on our books after Christmas. We each became real authors and created our own story books by actively engaging in the process of writing, composing, designing, illustrating and presenting. Below are some examples of the wide range of books we wrote by Francesca, Adam and Alice:


We have been learning about Fractions this month, focusing on halves, quarters and eights. We made our own Perfect Pizza’s using the fractions we have learned. We also demonstrated our knowledge of equivalent fractions. Below are some examples of some of our colourful designs:



To celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster, we each drew our own rooster. We enjoyed observing and discussing the different colours and lines in real life rooster and transferring that knowledge into our designs.


hNew Year stands before us like a fresh chapter in a book. During our first week back to school after Christmas, we discussed our New Year’s Resolutions. Each of us wrote out our New Year’s Resolutions on the party hats below. We are trying really hard to keep them up this month.


We learned about how to write Shape Poems. We were all really imaginative with our ideas and impressed one another with how creative we are in 3rd class.

We have started this month looking at division. We have done so well at grasping this new concept and know all of our tables really well. To revise all that we have learned about mutilation and division we made Fun Fact Houses to represent different fact families. 


We have been enjoying the build up to Christmas in school this month. We have made some Christmas decorations to add to our trees. Check out our colourful baubles and reindeer below. We also made lovely Christmas candle holders.


This year we have been introduced to multiplication in maths. We have done so well at grasping this new concept and know all of our tables really well. To revise all that we have learned about mutilation we made Array cities to represent a number of different multiplication sums. Check out our colourful array cities below.



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Art Work

We have been studying the famous Artist Claude Monet in Art. We loved studying his impressionism style. We focused on his most famous art piece ‘Japanese Bridge’. We focused on his love of painting his pond and waterlilies. Here are some examples of our Art work.


 We also made rain paintings by making colourful paint splatters. They were really fun to do.



The main theme we have been focusing on this month is ‘Water’ learning about its importance in our lives, its properties and the water cycle.  Check out our winning water cycle poster below by Eva.


We also took part in some really fun water experiments as part of science week. Here are some pictures below of our ‘Tornado in a Bottle’ experiment.

kids            kids-2


We have been doing the theme Éadaí (clothes) in Irish for the past few weeks. We have learned lots of new words and phrases. To show all that we have learned we did a ‘Seó Faisin’ (fashion show) in school. We were allowed to wear our own clothes and show them off to the lucht féachana (audience) while walking down the ardán  taispeána (catwalk). Here are a few pictures from our ‘Seó Faisin’.


September and October

We created a ‘Someone like me’ collage as a whole class. We entered this collage into the ‘Someone like me’ art competition. This is a fantastic art competition run by the Department of Justice and Equality that aims to promote disability awareness. Our collage creatively shows what we learned about this topic our S.P.H.E lesson.



We have been learning all about Pirates in class. We each created our own fierce pirates and parrots. We all impressed one another with our creative ideas. We really enjoyed learning about Pirates and now know lots of interesting facts about them.



As part of maths week we made our own ‘Figure me out’ posters. We each made a poster using equations all about us. The rest of the class had to guess who made the poster by solving the equations.


Maths Games

We also took part in some Halloween maths games in the Hall. Here we are below concentrating hard in our groups.