Third Class

Welcome to the Third Class page! 

Welcome to our 3rd Class website page. Throughout the year, we hope to show you some of the great work we will be doing.

We have been working really hard in 3rd class since October. Here is a catch-up of some of the work we have been doing.


We made some spooky Hallowe’en silhouettes.



We made gorgeous flour batiks of the starry night sky.


We made pizza in school. Everyone had two jobs. It was really fun and delicious!



We learned about monks and monasteries. We drew detailed posters of monasteries and made stained glass windows. We learned about St. Brendan’s voyage and that Morgan’s uncle Arthur (Boots) was on the 1976 voyage in a handmade boat, and made it all the way to Newfoundland in Canada!




We wrote poems about different emotions in the computer room.



We read the book The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. We drew these fantastic lions in oil pastels.



It was Kindness Week. We made posters about the importance of kindness.



We read the book Enemy Pie by Derek Munson. We made these delicious looking pieces of pie and slices of cake using oil pastels.



We got to go on a trip to Dun Laoghaire Lexicon to learn about internet safety. It was a great day out and we learned a lot about how to be safe on the internet.


September and October

We have been learning about pirates in in September. It is really interesting. Pirates were gruesome and vicious!

We gave ourselves pirate names and drew pirate portraits. We used pencils, Twistables and markers to make these.

We made wanted signs for fierce pirates who had committed terrible crimes! We used a teabag to make our paper look old and wrote in pirate-y language.

We made beautiful parrots in art. The backgrounds were painted with watercolours. We drew the parrots and then coloured them in with oil pastels.

We also made pirate ships on stormy sea backgrounds. They were great fun to make. We used chalk, paint, brown paper, string and toilet paper rolls.

We learned about shade and light. We used created pieces of art using different shades and tones of one particular colour. They look amazing!

We drew still life drawings of pieces of fruit, concentrating on shade and light.