Third Class

Welcome to the Third Class page! 


It snowed! We did a really messy art in our classroom. We had a snowball fight against Ms. Percival (she won!).

Afterwards, we got hot chocolate and watched a movie.

We said the ‘Réamhaisnéis na hAimsire’ as Gaeilge in groups. It was great fun.

We made a remote control car with Mrs. Cummins’ Lego. We made a ramp for it in our classroom using lots of different things.

We made cities out of 3D shapes. We worked really hard at this; using shapes such as hexagonal prisms, square-based pyramids and many more!


We did a project on Ancient Egypt. This was our homework for a whole month, maybe even longer! Everyone worked really hard on their projects. We made our own mummies and hung them on the wall. They are stuffed with newspaper!



We filled our marble jar and we got to make pizzas! It was so fun. We made them from scratch and they were delicious.


We read the book ‘The Return of the Dragon’ by Don Briggs. It is a really good book. All of the proceeds of this book go towards Temple Street Children’s hospital, which is a very good cause.

We did lots of Christmas art before Christmas. We brought most of it home.

Here are a few pictures of a lovely art we did with markers and water colours.

We love making towers out of K-Nex and lego in 3rd class. We have made the Eiffel Tower and various other impressive buildings!

We did lovely and ugly Mr. Twit pictures before Christmas. Here is a picture!


We have been very busy in 3rd class since September! Take a look at some of the amazing work we have completed.


We learned about Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist. Mondrian was one of the first abstract artists.

We learned about Jaspar Johns, another abstract artist. It was his work that inspired our number art.

We learned a poem called Mr. Nobody. This poem inspired the art below. We used water colours, oil pastels or pencils to create our backgrounds. Our Mr. Nobody silhouettes are made from black card.

We are reading The Twits at the moment. We made pictures of Mr. Twit and his disgusting beard!


We learned about data. We created our own surveys and collected the data from our class and made our own bar charts.

We collected 100 marbles. We had our mini spirit day, it was so much fun! We did lots of activities such as capture the flag, blowing Malteasers into cups with straws and building towers out of raw spaghetti and marshmallows!


Well-being Week

We had a Well-being Week. We did lots of activities to help us feel present and stop our minds from being really busy!

We drew pictures of what well-being means to us.

We dressed up for Hallowe’en in lots of scary and cool costumes. We did some spooky bat art too!

Science Week

During Science week we did lots of experiments. They were great fun. We put vinegar in a bottle and put baking soda in a balloon. When the two ingredients mixed, they created carbon dioxide which  blew the balloon up!


Pirates Treasure hunt

We went up Killiney Hill dressed as pirates and did a treasure hunt. We had to use compasses to navigate. We were very good at it and found a pirate and a treasure chest full of sweets and chocolate coins at the end!

Welcome to our 3rd Class page. We have been working really hard in 3rd Class. Here are some pictures of  some of the work we have done. We have done lots of our other work too including writing sums in our copybooks, starting handwriting with fountain pens, reading Charlotte’s Web, Treasure Island and lots more!

Have a look at these!

We have learned lots about pirates. We each got a pirate name and we drew self-portraits. Check and see what your pirate name would be!

(These names are a little bit different to the names we got in  3rd class)

We did some abstract bubble art. We drew circles and then coloured them in in different colours. They took a long time to complete but they look great!

We made pirate ship scenes. First, we created our background using chalk and paint. Then, we made our ships out of brown sugar paper and stuck them down.

The sails of our ships are made out of painted toilet rolls!

We have done lots of work learning about maps in 3rd Class. We made grid maps of our classroom and hid sweets in certain areas. One person had to give the correct location of the sweet on the grid map, while the other person had to find it. It was great fun!

We had our school calendar photos. Some of us dressed up in costumes. It was a great day.