Senior Infants D

 Welcome to Ms. D’s Senior Infants

We have been so busy over the last few months. From STEM week to Christmas and Kindness Week. We have been learning lots and having lots of fun while doing it!

November 2018

This month we were learning all about houses and homes. We learnt all about the different types of homes that we could live in. We created our own houses from cereal boxes and we decorated with them with paper and card. Once our houses were created, we created a class street which we called Senior Infant Road. As well as that, we got to build houses using clay. This was hard but once we got the hang of it with was great. Look at our houses. Aren’t they amazing!!!



In Aistear, we were busy building houses in small world and arranging the furniture in our houses. In Role play, we were pretending to be a family and making dinners and taking care of children. With giant polydrons, we were constructing homes of different shapes and sizes.

In Science we learnt about all the different types of materials that are used to build a house and the different materials that things in the classroom are made of. In Geography we learnt about the different types of houses all around the world and how different those houses are to our houses that we have in Ireland

We also had STEM Week in school. we did lots of fun activities that involved science, technology, engineering and maths. We spent time trying to build bridges with paper and cups. This was fun as we had to make a strong bridge to hold some marbles.

As well as that, we created towers with cups, lollipops stick and blocks. We tried to build towers using playing cards (it was really quite hard but we kept trying and we got some help from the teachers)

We also tried to make towers using cocktail sticks and marshmallows which was fun as we got to eat the marshmallows afterwards.



Another STEM activity that we did was make Christmas tree using baking soda, food colouring, glitter and sequins. Once it was made we put the mixture into moulds that we made with paper plates. On Friday, we tried to melt the Christmas tree using a magic mixture (vinegar) which made the trees bubble an disappear. We had such fun during STEM Week as we got to work with our friends to complete these exciting tasks.


December 2018

December was a very exciting month. We got an unexpected letter on day from an elf. WE GOT AN ELF COMING TO OUR CLASS. We came back from lunch one day, to find a letter left for us. We were so excited about the news that we had an elf coming.

Buddy the Elf then arrived the next day and got up to a lot of mischief while in our classroom. we found him roasting marshmallows with Candy Cane, photocopying himself on the photocopier and zip lining along the Christmas decorations. However, one day we were shocked to find Buddy sellotaped to the clock. We were shocked to hear that Sparklestar in Ms.Perrott’s class stuck him up there.

Coming up to Christmas, we learnt lots about winter time and what happens but also about Christmas and reindeers. In Aistear, we had Santa’s workshop, where we were elves and we designed, built, wrapped and deliver Christmas presents to different boys and girls. As well as that, we learnt all about reindeers and we learnt about how they lose their antlers and they have special hooves to help them walk on snow and ice. It was so interesting to learn all about reindeers. We learnt about the story of the first Christmas tree. We listen to the story and talked about how the Christmas tree has changed so much and how we decorate our trees at home. As a class, we decorated a cardboard Christmas tree. We worked together to colour the tree and we choose to decorate the tree with tinsel and baubles.

We have settled into Senior Infants well and we are working hard in class. We are really lucky as we have two Senior Infant classes this year.



For the Christmas Nativity, we learnt and sang a lovely song called ‘Everyone’s Asleep’. This was a lovely song as it was a lullaby and we got to wear our pyjamas to school and bring in our favourite teddy bear too. Everyone did absolutely fantastically in the nativity and all the teachers are very proud of us.


We completed lots and lots of art coming up to Christmas. We made Christmas Wreaths out of paper plates and green card. We made reindeer in Aistear and we also got to make our own Christmas stocking. We got to sew then together and then decorate the front of them to made different pictures. Another craft that we did was a paper plate Santa Clause. We had so much fun at Christmas time.


To our surprise we got a visit from Santa just before our Christmas holidays. We were in Junior Infants classroom when we saw him. He came in and talked to use all about what we wanted from him for Christmas. He answered many of our questions. We got to sing some Christmas songs with his and everything. It was so exciting





January 2019

Once we came back from our Christmas holidays we got to straight back to work and we have been learning all about Polar Regions. We were learning about the Artic and Antarctica and what the weather is like there and some of the different animals that we can find in the some of the coldest places in the world. We learn all about polar bears and emperor penguins and we did some writing about the interesting facts that we learnt about penguins and polar bears.




In Aistear, we got to be explorers who goes to Antarctica and do different experiments and look for different animals. We were just like Tom Crean. We learnt all about who Tom Crean was and the things that made his so famous. It was so interesting to know that he was from Ireland and he travelled all the way to Antarctica twice. We did some amazing art based on polar bears and penguins. We really enjoyed learning about Polar Regions.


It is the year of the pig. Our next topic is all about the Chinese New Year. we learnt all about the different animals who are part of the Chinese calendar. We learn different interesting facts about China but also about the Chinese New year. We made some Chinese Dragons and Chinese Lanterns in art. In Aistear we were in a Chinese restaurant and we tried to use chopsticks to eat our food.




The first thing we learnt about was the theme of Bears. We learnt lots of different, interesting facts about bears. We read lots of different stories about bears like ‘We’re going a bear hunt’ and we made some brown bears in art. In geography we mapped the journey that the family took while going on their bear hunt.

Our next topic was all about Myself. We learnt about what self-portraits are and we tried to create our own self-portraits by looking in the mirror and drawing ourselves. Here are our self-portraits. Can you guess who is who?

During Aistear we were learning about the hospital and the different things that happen there and during role play, we pretended we were doctors and nurses looking after our patients.


During October we have been learning all about Autumn and Halloween. We learnt about what happens in Autumn and we wrote a lovely story about Autumn. We also did some art based on Autumn trees. Have a look:


Here is an Autumn story that we wrote: