Senior Infants S

Senior Infants C with Ms Cummins


We have had a very busy April, learning all about Spring and about transport.  In maths we were learning about data, so we did a survey of the different coloured cars that passed our school.

Our hot air balloons:

We made cars out of paper:


We got our clipboards and went outside to do a survey:


Here’s a bar chart showing our results:

In art we used forks, celery and cotton buds to print some spring flowers:


We created trees inspired by the art of Kandinsky:


We all participated in the Sponsored Walk!


In January we learned all about the solar system.  We learned about the sun and the moon and we made spaceships.




Then we learned about the Polar Regions.  We learned a lot about penguins:


We had a great time during kindness week.  We learned how we can use are super powers for doing good!


Senior Infants have been very busy for the last few weeks.  In October we learned all about hedgehogs.  We wrote books about them and we made hedgehogs from clay, matchsticks and beechnut husks:


For Halloween we made lanterns and dressed up:


We painted some beautiful Autumn trees:

When we came back after half term we started learning about houses.  We learned how to build a house and wrote books giving instructions:




We learned a lot!

We are very lucky in Senior Infants because there are two classes this year.  We have been very busy and are working very hard.  The first thing we learned about was bears.  We learned lots of facts and did some amazing art.

Look at our brown bears:

And our polar bears:

And our panda bears:

In maths we are learning all about sorting and counting and adding:

Someone brought in tomatoes because they love growing things and someone else brought in goggles because they love swimming!


We painted beautiful self-portraits:

We having been reading stories about Noddy and Big Ears:

We are all looking forward to a very busy and fun filled year!