Senior Infants S

Senior Infants S with Miss Percival


We had an Easter egg hunt in the playground! It was so fun.

We got new tyres in the playground. They are great fun to play on.

We did a sponsored walk up Killiney Hill. It was great exercise and we had a great time. We had a dress-up day in school.

We had a post office in our classroom. We wrote and delivered letters to each other. Hannah brought in a real post man’s bag and hat for us to try on, and a real post man visited us!

There is a competition to see which class has the best line. Here we are practising.

We are very good at doing our work in Senior Infants. Sometimes we are allowed to choose where we write. This is very relaxing and helps us concentrate. Some people prefer to sit at their desk, while others like to lie on their tummies.

Sometimes we even write at the teacher’s desk!

We made butter from cream! We put a song on and shook our cream in jars and plastic bags.

Shake, shake, shake! Our arms got very tired. Yum, these crackers are delicious with our butter on them!


It is Active Week this week. We have completed lots of different activities to help keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Phil Nolan from Ben Dunne Gyms came and did fitness classes with everyone. It was so fun!

We also had a Tug of War competition. This was so fun. We had never done this before!


We learned about ‘left’ and ‘right’ in maths.

We made mazes and gave some teddies directions.

We made a big maze and gave each other directions!

We learned about lots of different feelings during kindness week.

We learned about heavy and light. We weighed lots of different things to see which were heavy.

We learned about transport. One of our Aistear stations was a bus. It was great fun.

We made cars in art. We made big, long roads in our groups. We stuck our cars onto these roads.

We did some yoga on GoNoodle for a movement break during school. It was very relaxing.

We learned about how to take care of a baby. We called our baby doll Lucy and gave her a bath. It was great fun.

We raised €500 from our coin collection. Our prize was THREE chocolate coins each, and a free Artzone lesson!


We used shaving foam to practise writing. We wrote our names and lots of other things.


Before Christmas we did lots of winter art. We used glitter and salt to make winter wonderland trees.

This is a huge robot we made in Aistear! It was so fun.

We learned about the North and South Pole. During Aistear we can pretend to be polar explorers in the Arctic. It is very fun.

We made pizzas. First we made the dough. We mixed yeast, flour, salt and warm water together. It went gooey. Then we spread on tomato paste, cheese and pepperoni. Our pizzas cooked in the oven. They were delicious.


They were delicious pizzas!



Hello everyone, we have been very busy since October! Here are some of the things we have done.


We had some Báirín Breac at Hallowe’en. Callum won the ring.


We filled our marble jar, so we got to have a hot chocolate party. It was yummy.


In Senior Infants, we do a lot of our learning in groups. Sometimes we do stations, and sometimes we do it as a whole class.

This is us making homes out of building bricks.


Here we are doing some Maths stations. One group is adding and another group is sorting and making patterns!



We planted some seeds and did an experiment with Aoife from Windyridge.

If you poke a pencil through a bag of water, it does not leak! We tried it!


We made clay pencil holders in Art. First everyone held up their clay and SMASHED it down on to the table to soften it. It made a LOT of noise. Then we make round shapes and poked holes in them. We put beads on for the eyes and nose. We painted them. They look great.

10                       9                      11

We did an experiment with M&Ms.

We left them in water for 5-10 minutes, the sugar dissolved from around the sweet and the ‘M’s floated to the top! It was amazing.

13     12

We also made slime. It was so fun!


This year, there are two Senior Infants. We are so lucky! We do some of our work together and some of it in our own classrooms. Every day we get to play together during Aistear time. We also go to the P.E. hall or playground for P.E. together. Have a look at some of the work we have done so far.

image2The Magic Rule Tree

This is our Magic Rule Tree. This tree helps to remind us of our classroom rules. 


We loved using forks to give our fuzzy, wuzzy bears lots of fuzzy, wuzzy hair!


We made aliens from our hand and footprints!



We painted sticks…


and painted leaves…


To make this lovely Autumn Display!