Senior Infants H

 Welcome to Ms. Hogan’s Senior Infant Page

We’re very lucky because there are two Senior Infant classes in our school this year. We each have our own classroom but we still play together in the yard and we do subjects like Aistear and P.E. together too.



We began the year by turning our classroom into a big bear cave. We learnt about different types of bears. We know a lot of facts about about brown bears, panda bears and sloth bears. We had fun making bear art and reading the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. We even had a Teddy Bears’ Picnic out in the playground.


Did you know that there are patterns all around us? We talked about patterns in nature and we had a go at making our own patterns using bears and blocks and buttons in class. We did some art where we made patterns follow squiggly lines too!


Autumn is a very colourful season. We have been very good at spotting the signs of autumn in our playground and out of our classroom windows. We went for a walk with our families one evening and collected autumn leaves, acorns, conkers and sycamore seeds for homework. We put them on our nature table for everyone to see. We also did a lot of beautiful autumn art. 

We read the book “Leaf Man” by Lois Elhert and went off on our own autumn hunt to find items to make art out of…