Fourth Class

Welcome to Fourth Class


In art we have been working on drawing body shapes. It can be quite tricky to get the proportions right. We modelled for each other so that we could practise sketching. We then made pop art style pictures inspired by the famous artist Keith Haring.

We used our new skills to paint rainy day pictures and silhouette pictures of ourselves.

Ms. Elders has been teaching us all about Vikings. We did group projects and also made dioramas in art.


 We also went on a school tour to Dalkey Castle Heritage Centre. We learned a lot and had so much fun. We got to go to the top of the castle and look all over Dalkey. We learned about the history of the town and what it was like to live in Viking and Medieval Times.



We learned about Lent and thought about ways we could improve ourselves.

In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We made our own prisms in lots of different ways.


We have been learning about the history of the piano and how music can be played on a piano. We were treated to a special piano recital from a professional piano player.


In November, it was science week in school. We did loads of experiments that were really fun. We tried different ways to blow up balloons without our mouths. First we tried it with yeast, sugar and warm water. The balloons filled up with carbon dioxide. The yeast made our classroom very smelly.

yeast-2      yeast-experiment-1     yeast-1


We also did an experiment with oil, water and food colouring. It looked like fireworks in the jar.


We learned about six famous scientists and made projects about their discoveries. We did a Rap-a-long science song and a botanist called Dale Treadwell came to visit our class.


dales-visit-2        dales-visit-1

Aoife from Windyridge, came to plant with us. We each got to plant a sweet pea plant.

windyridge2         windyridge1

We learned about the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis. It was fascinating and we’d all love to go and see them now. We made our own pictures in art.


We were learning about data in maths. This year we got to learn about pie charts for the first time. When we were really good at them, we did surveys and made our own.


The last day of November was St. Andrews Day, so we learned about his life and what he did to become the patron saint of Scotland. We are painting paper to look like tartan. Next week we will use it for an art activity but Ms. Wolfe won’t tell us what it is yet!