Fourth Class

Welcome to the Fourth Class page!

Take a look at what we’ve been up to recently:

When learning about trees, 4th class collected and identified leaves from trees in the locality. During Art, we completed leaf rubbings and leaf printing.





When learning about the Vikings, 4th class created their own Viking shields as part of their active homework.



Island Life

When studying Irish islands, we looked at the artwork of Emma Cownie and used her pieces as inspiration for our own island art. We then created some textile art based on ‘the sea’. The children also created projects on an Irish island of their choice.






Christmas Cross Stitch




Happy New Year!




Japanese Pagodas


Japanese Koi Carp





Japanese Haikus





Handprint doodle drawing



We read about the Children of Lir during History and we then created swan drawings and models during Art.


Bird of Prey poetry – We learnt the poem ‘The Eagle’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson. We then wrote our own bird of prey poetry.



During Kindness Week we choose our favourite kindness quotes and then used them to create posters.



We learnt about bar charts during Maths. We then collected our own data from our class and drew bar charts to represent that data.



Name Art





The Celts

While studying The Celts, we created Celtic initials and we built models of crannógs, hillforts and ringforts.





Halloween Art – Pumpkins in the style of artist Romero Britto