Sixth Class

Sixth Class

Welcome to the 6th class page. There are 29 pupils in Sixth Class this year…20 boys and 9 girls! We are a lively bunch who work hard and play harder! Have a look at what we have been getting up to!


St.Patrick’s Cathedral

We visited St.Patrick’s Cathedral at the end of September. We learned about the history of the Cathedral and then carried out an art activity in groups. It was good fun heading into town with our classmates and getting to eat out


Co-operative group activities

We had good fun on the first day back to school, co-operating in some group work activities. Here are some photos of us building marshmallow towers and ‘Saving Fred’!














Trip to Christ Church Cathedral

Ten pupils from the class were chosen to attend Christ Church Cathedral for the School Diocesan Service. It was a lovely day out!


Lots of us are excited about the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan. We worked in groups to create projects on specific counties taking part in World Cup. We’re getting better at working together and negotiating. The end results were pretty impressive!


Arty Fun!

We also made Hobby Heads to depict our interests and we made papier maché masks to wear at Halloween! Try mixing water and paint together and blowing the result around a page with a straw…it makes for messy but interesting art!