Sixth Class

Sixth Class

Welcome to the 6th class page. There are 26 pupils in Sixth Class this year. 



Check out our Halloween pop-art display!


We dressed up on the last day before mid-term and some of us helped out at the Bake Sale!



We used clay to design faces inspired by Picasso. We have always had an interest in his ‘cubism’ style of art.

In October, we went on a trip to Milanos where we made pizzas! A very messy yet delicious day….

We studied all about mountains, learning about their key features, the different types and how each type are formed. We also carried out group projects, each group focusing on a different mountains of the world. We’re getting better at working together in various groups and negotiating with one another.


Science Week

We carried out various experiments which were messy but fun! We made ‘quicksand’ by mixing the right about of water with cornflour. The consistency was surprising…it kept switching from a liquid to a solid! Try it at home and you could even add some food colouring…


Next, we tried out ‘Exploding Bags’! We placed baking soda and vinegar into a ziplock bag and gave them a good shake…. The began to expand until they finally exploded! We may have had to give them a whack first though!


We also visited Dun Laoghaire Lexicon library to attend a talk and exhibition on ‘The Solar System’. There was a lot of information to take in, but we did well and picked up a few new facts. Here we are taking part in some of the active experiments to show how asteroids affect the moon’s surface and to show the distance between each planet.



Group Work

We had good fun on the first day back to school, co-operating in some group work activities.

Here are some photos of us building marshmallow towers and ‘Saving Fred’!


The Human Body

This month, we have been learning about the Human Body. We focused completed group projects on different organs of the body.



Guest Speakers

Audrey Tormey came in with her guide dog, Zorrow, to talk to us about her life without sight. It was fascinating to hear how positive she is about her lifestyle.

Dara, Alannah’s mum, is a physiotherapist. She came in to speak to us about balance and how our eyes, ears and feet work together to keep us standing upright. She used the WII to teach us about balance and she also let us try out special goggles!



We created God’s Eyes or ‘Ojo de Dios’ using wool and cocktail sticks. It took a while to get the hang of it, but the end results are fantastic!

Optical Illusions

We observed various optical illusions to see how different arts and prints can play tricks on our eyes. We then designed out own versions, based on our hobbies.

School Trip

We went on a school trip into St Patrick’s Cathedral. We really enjoyed hearing all about the history of the building, and especially the stained glass workshop afterwards.