Senior Infants A

Senior Infants P. with Miss Perrott


The Farm

We learned about the different animals that live on the farm. We made a whole class display of a farm. We wrote about our favourite farm animal and we built our own farms in Aistear.


We planted seeds and made grass heads.


We printed using different types of fruit and vegetables.


We read the story “Handa’s Surprise” and we drew Handa’s fruit basket. We wrote about our favourite part of the story

We did a survey to see which fruit is the most popular in our class.


Art Week

We learned about the artist Claude Monet for Art Week. We learned lots of facts about him and we did some beautiful art.

Active Week

We had great fun during Active Week. We did a gymnastics workshop and we learned how to play a new game called ‘Throlf’.

February Update

We have been working really hard in Senior Infants. We went on a 2D shape hunt around the school and we found lots of 2D shapes.


We sorted 2D shapes and we made wonderful shape pictures.


We had an elf in our classroom leading up to Christmas. Her name was Sparklestar and she got up to lots of mischief!


Here is some of our Christmas art.


Happy New Year!


We learned about the Polar Regions. We wrote facts about penguins.


We made an igloo in role play and pretended to be polar explorers. We played with polar animals in small world.

We had fun learning about weight in Maths. We had to see how many cubes different objects weigh.

Chinese New Year

It is the year of the pig. We made Chinese dragons and Chinese fans. We even practised writing in Chinese!

September & October Updates

We have settled into Senior Infants very well and we’re working really hard. We’re very lucky because there are two Senior Infant classes this year. We do some subjects together like Aistear and P.E.


We learned all about bears and did some excellent bear art.


We made ‘All About Me’ bags where we brought in three things to tell the rest of the class about ourselves. Someone brought in their favourite book and someone else brought in a New Zealand passport!


We looked at ourselves in a mirror and painted a self-portrait.



We learned all about autumn. We went on an autumn trail and looked for signs of autumn. Here is our autumn art!