Senior Infants A

Senior Infants A with Miss Perrott


We have been learning all about transport. We looked at different types of transport and we learned about transport long ago.


We made hot air balloons. We painted different patterns on our balloons and we did paper weaving to make the baskets.

We went for a walk around the school to look at different flowers – we spotted daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. We experimented with different materials to print flowers. We used forks, plastic bottles, cotton buds and celery.


Here are our cherry blossom tress!

In Maths, we have been learning about money. We set up our own shops and took it in turns being the shopkeeper and customers.

We had great fun on the Sponsored Walk.


Christmas Art

Have a look at some of our art we completed before Christmas.



In January, we learned all about the solar system. We learned about the sun and the moon.

Polar Regions

We also learned about the Polar Regions. We learned lots of interesting facts about penguins and we filled out a fact sheet.


We painted penguins in Art and we read the story ‘The Emperor’s Egg’.


Kindness Week

We did lots of fun activities for kindness week. We learned that we are all everyday heroes. Each day we had a kindness challenge to complete. We made a card for the postman to thank him for delivering all the post and we helped Ms Perrot by keeping our classroom really tidy. We decorated our door with superheroes.


Houses and homes

We learned about different types of houses and how to build a house. We painted our homes and we designed our dream houses.

We made houses in junk art.


Well-Being Week

We did lots of exciting things for well-being week. We listened to relaxing music, played with playdough and even did some yoga!

Science Week

We had great fun for science week. We did lots of fun experiments and we created our own inventions. We made a science book and we wrote a new fact in it each day.



We have settled into Senior Infants very well and we’re working really hard. We are very lucky because there are two Senior Infant classes this year. Here we are dressed up for our calendar photos!


We learned all about bears and we did some excellent art.


We painted polar bears with sponges.


We looked at ourselves in a mirror and we painted a self-portrait.

We made ‘All About Me’ bags where we brought in four things to tell the rest of the class about ourselves. Someone brought in goggles because they love swimming and someone else brought in their favourite book.


In Aistear, we have been working on the theme ‘The Hospital’. We have had lots of fun in the role play area – here we are checking in our patients.