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It’s been a busy couple of months in 5th class. We learned about the contemporary Irish artist Pauline Bewick and had a ‘tribute to Pauline Bewick’ art lesson, where we painted pictures inspired by some of hers. Most of us used watercolours, but some of us used crayons.

Halloween Art

For Halloween, we used poster paint to create a toned night sky background, then cut out a silhouette of a spooky house and pasted it on yellow paper to give the illusion of lights. We had fun writing a short paragraph to sell the houses, turning their spooky parts into positives. Here are some of them:

At the beginning of November we used watercolours again, this time our theme was woodland animals and our focus was on improving brush strokes and achieving a stronger colour.


We finished reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar and the class agreed it was one of the best books they have read. Here’s what we thought:

I was kind of on edge when Zero and Stanley were climbing up the mountain to God’s Thumb and also when they were in the hole full of yellow spotted lizards. (Andrew)

I felt sad for Zero because he had lost his mother and Stanley was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Alison)

There were some parts of the book that made me feel scared like when the yellow spotted lizards were on Stanley’s and Hector’s shoulders and when Stanley nearly fell from the cliff he was climbing. (Thomas)

My favourite part of the book was when Zero hit Mr Pendanski in the face with a shovel. It made me laugh but a bit scared of what was going to happen next. (Sorcha)

I really enjoyed reading Holes because it is very entertaining and you can’t put it down. (Ellie)

My favourite characters were The Warden because she was really sassy and Zero because he helped Stanley. (Moya)

I’d recommend this book because it has a lot of action and it is a little bit funny and each chapter has something new and it is fast paced. (Toby)

You should read this book because it is very adventurous, mysterious and there are lots of cliff hangers and it’s also really exciting. (Edward)

It really is good and it has adventure, mystery and action the characters are amazing. (Cam JH)

“It is brilliant, the best book I’ve ever read. A perfect mix of comedy, mystery, adventure and action! I recommend this book for people who don’t read enough” (John)

I recommend this book because it is very funny in places, interesting and cliff hangers – pretty good really. (Jack)

I recommend this book because it’s funny, there’s lots of cliff hangers and it’s very good. (Eric)

I thought the book was fantastic. It had a great plot and an even better ending. I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves jail life or mysteries. I wish there were more books like it. (Henry)

I did like the book but I would change the ending because it still needs to answer loads of questions. I think the author got sick of writing it. (Hannah)

I liked when they found refuge on God’s Thumb because it explained a lot about earlier on and it gave me a good feeling. (Mark)

This book is brilliantly written and is a joy to read. A masterpiece. (Cameron)

My overall favourite part is when it goes back 100 years to when Camp Green Lake is a town with the houses, peach trees and people like Sam and Katherine Barlow. (Iris)

I would change the ending. I thought the author left too many things unexplained. Otherwise, I loved Holes. (Mia)

Holes was a great book but I think the ending was a bit rushed. I rated this book 4 ½ and the half was because of the ending. (Aoibhe)

It is a very interesting book and there are lots of sub plots that all line up and make sense in the end. (Lisa)

The author described everything very well, which helps you to imagine the scene as it is happening. (Jago)

Holes is not a hard book to read. When you start to read it you won’t want to stop. I didn’t like the ending because it was kind of rushed. It made Zero’s part of it kind of disappointing because he just found his mum and that was it. (Michelle)

There is a lot of excitement and it’s action packed and it’s a great book to read. I like the way it’s very unique and makes sense to read. (Mike)

I thought Holes was a great book, but the ending let me down. It was almost like the author got bored. (Leah)



One of the poems we learned was Leisure by W.H. Davies and here are illustrations by Alex, Henry, Toby and Iris. You can hear us recite it in our poetry power point.

5th class Poetry Recitation 2017 2018   


After ex Hurricane Ophelia, we did some group work on hurricanes:


We also painted this map of Ireland to help us learn the mountains and rivers.

Healthy Food Made Easy

Fifth class have been doing a healthy food course run by Southside Partnership. We’ve completed three weeks and have two more to go. In the first week, we made healthy pizza wraps and fruit salad. In the second week, we made leek and potato soup (the potatoes were from the school garden), spicy tomato soup and some wholemeal scones. Then in the third week, we made spaghetti Bolognese and some raspberry and banana buns.

We’ve learned things like the importance of properly washing hands, where to store different foods in the fridge, how to hold and use sharp knives, the importance of drinking enough water, about portion control and much more.

Comic Strips

This month fifth class have been studying different myths and legends. We learned about Diarmuid and Gráinne and illustrated the story on a comic strip.

Clay Art

In art, we had great fun creating our own mythical creatures. First we planned them on paper but lots of them turned out totally differently. We used cocktail sticks to help keep the fiddly bits from falling off and they definitely helped. Some of us used small beads for eyes. When the clay dried, we painted them and when that was dry, we glazed them with PVA glue, so they would look nicer and last longer. They turned out really well:


Tall Tales

In creative writing we created some Tall Tales, which are stories that are told as if they were true but contain an exaggerated and unbelievable storyline. Sometimes there is an element of truth in the stories and sometimes they are completely make-believe. We included lots of superlatives which we had been learning about in one of our grammar workshops. Creating the Tall Tales was fun. It was a group activity and we had to make sure everyone had their say and contributed to the storyline. Have fun reading our tall tales.

Here we are working in our groups!

We’ve also learned some poems and you can hear us recite them by clicking on the link below…

Perspective Art

Also in art, we’ve been studying one point perspective. We created a streetscape and painted it using watercolours. Notice where the vanishing point is in the pictures and how things appear smaller as they disappear into the distance. This was very technical work, with pupils following very specific instructions.

    Also in art, we’ve been studying one point perspective. We created a streetscape and painted it using watercolours. Notice where the vanishing point is in the pictures and how things appear smaller as they disappear into the distance. This was very technical work, with pupils following very specific instructions.