Fifth Class

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There are 27 pupils in our class, 13 girls and 14 boys! We are a creative class who work hard and play hard!

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Summer Term

World War One

We studied about World War One and completed projects based on 1914-1918. We read a short novel called ‘War Game’ which helped us to empathise with the lives of soldiers fighting at the time. Below are some ‘Letters from the Trenches’ which we composed.

We tried to portray the anguish and terror experienced by the soldiers in the sketches below. We used charcoal while sketching.

We studied a poem entitled ‘In Flander’s Fields’ by John McCrae and used watercolours to portray the scenes described.

International Day: Japan Study

We had an International Day at school. Each class chose a country to study and we chose Japan. We carried out group projects based on different aspects of Japan and we also had a lady who is from Japan in to tell us about life in Japan. She answered any questions we had!


It is a sad time too, as we are saying goodbye to three girls who have been part of our class since Junior Infants. We will miss you all 🙂

School Tour

We went on our school tour to Belfast! We visited W5, we went bowling and we had delicious food in Soda Joe’s!


We tried out our Debating skills. Our motion was ‘Fidget spinners support children’s learning’.

February and March

Ancient Rome

The ancient Romans were one of the most advanced and successful civilisations in history. We learned about Roman families and children, the food and drink they enjoyed, their houses and towns and their religious beliefs.

Here were are attempting to design Roman togas using toilet paper. Some groups succeeded more than others!


We learned about the Colosseum and its history. We designed pop-up versions of the building.


The ‘games’ played in the Colosseum were vicious. We stretched our imaginations and composed fictitious recounts about our visit to the Colosseum. Read some below- the use of adjectives in these are impressive!

My visit to the Colosseum, By Éabha                       My visit to the Colosseum, By Alannah


France is the largest country in Western Europe. We studied a map of France, identifying its main mountains, rivers and land forms. We researched Paris, the ‘City of Love’ and designed brochures, encouraging tourists to spend their Valentine’s weekend there! Have a look at these persuasive pieces!


The Mona Lisa is a very famous painting by Leonardo de Vinci. We were given a basic Mona Lisa template and created our very own modern versions, some of which were very entertaining!


Seachtain na Gaeilge

GKNS celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge from 6th to 10th of March. Each class engaged in a number of activities, kindly organised by Miss Jackson!

Seanfhocail poster competition

Celtic Knots Art

An Tional Gaeilge



Fifth Class partook in the ‘Parents Making Children Aware’ workshop for six weeks this term. This recount, written by Shane, outlines what the course was about.

PMCA Course

For the last month, my class have been doing PMCA. It was very enjoyable but quite serious at the same time. The ladies we had teaching us were Catherine and Mary, who were very kind.

On the first week, we learned about smoking and the dangers of it. I learned that if you are in the Canaries, you can’t take home more than two hundred cigarettes. I also learned that people spend an average of three thousand seven hundred euro on smoking in a year.

During the next week, we learned about alcohol and things you might do if you’re drunk. I learned that a person’s body can only process one unit of alcohol in one hour. To measure alcohol, we use units. A sensible amount of alcohol for you depends on your gender. If you are a man, then seventeen units a week is fine. If you are a woman, then eleven units is a sensible amount.

On the third week, we learned about drugs and the dangers they possess. I found out that some painkillers are drugs but if you take them when you need to they won’t do any damage. Some people take it way too far and die from the drugs.

The fourth week was about assertiveness. We had a talk about being assertive. When you’re in a group, don’t be a sheep and join in, but don’t be rude either!

The week afterwards, we talked about choices and the consequences that follow them. An example would be if a child took a day off school. They would enjoy themselves that day, but if the class did something really important, that could affect them getting a job they wanted in the future. Remember, a choice will always have its consequences.

The final week was a presentation. Sixth Class did some role play and we were the audience, along with some of the parents. In the end, we got completion certificates and we had made some projects which the parents and teachers had a look at.

All in all, I had a great time during PMCA and so did my whole class. Thank you to the ladies who taught us and thank you to the teachers who accommodated PMCA.

By  Shane

Coil Pots



We welcomed the New Year back with a bang! Read on to find out what we have been getting up to!

The Aztecs

We have been learning all about the Aztecs, a rich and powerful people from the valley of Mexico. They ruled over a great empire in Central America up until 500 years ago. We created masks by embellishing foil. This is a famous Mexican style of art.


The Aztecs grew cocoa and enjoyed a….very different kind of hot chocolate drink, which included chilli powder and cinnamon. We gave it a try….


We are currently reading ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ by Katherine Paterson. Terabithia is an imaginary land where the two main characters escape to together. At the entrance to Terabithia lies a forest. We visualised the forest and painted it using watercolours. We chose to paint birch trees in the forest.

They turned out beautifully!



We have been learning to describe the weather in detail and wrote ‘Tuar na hAimsire’, describing the weather in all different parts of the country.


The Respiratory System 

The Respiratory System is more simply known as our breathing system. It is made up of a number of organs which work together to supply oxygen to the body. We used sweets to create our own versions of the Respiratory System- they look pretty disgusting but taste very good!


          Talent Show

Before Christmas, we decided to hold a talent show in our classroom. The performances ranged from singing to dancing to magic tricks and more!


To add to the fun, we had a pyjama day and raised some money for a charity called Ash, based in Co.Wicklow. This charity take care of dogs, cats and other animals who need looking after. A lady who works at the centre came in to visit us and told us some more about the charity. We received certificates of thanks in return for our donation.


November has been all go! We’ve explored the powers of advertising, completed group projects on 1960’s and we are currently studying about the Structure of Earth and Rocks. On top of all that, we tried out some experiments during Science week!

The Power of Advertising

We learned all about the different tricks advertisers use to promote their products and services, and then, we decided to try them out for ourselves!

We designed cereal boxes and then invited First Class pupils to come and choose which one their favourite is.

Can you see the tricks being used to draw in young consumers?

image31        image30       image28          

1960’s Group Projects

The 1960s were a time of great change in Ireland. We used the school tablets to research our particular topics of interest and worked together to compose projects on Sport, Fashion, Politics, Music, Science and Famous People during the 1960s. The results are very impressive. 

image21         image16        image22           image10

image20         image23        image18        image12

Pop Art

Andy Warhol was famous for his ‘pop-art’ during the 1960s, where he used ordinary things to create quirky art. We gave it a go ourselves!


Magic Box Poetry

We read a poem called ‘My Magic Box’, in to which the poet has placed all her wishes and hopes dreams.

Using this poem as an inspiration, we wrote our own versions. Click below to read a few!

My Magic Box, By Seth                         My Magic Box, By Christopher                      My Magic Box, By Robin

September and October

Art Work

We created ‘Hobby Heads’ which helped our teacher get to know us better, as well as making a colourful display for our classroom! Check out our Mohawks!  

img_4587  img_4584





We have been exploring the colour wheel. These eyes are designed using primary, secondary and tertiary colours. They are watching you!

fullsizerender      fullsizerender-3

The Famine

Within the colour wheel, there are many different hues. By adding black or white paint to any of these, you can change the tint or shade of the colours! We explored hues, tints and shades while creating delicious ice creams!

ice-cream-artWe are learning about the Great Famine at present. It’s fascinating learning about the Potato People and the awful conditions they were faced with. We studied some sketches of the Famine and attempted our own sketches of potatoes.


English Poetry

We studied a poem called ‘Inside Me’, written by an eight year old boy. We were inspired by his thoughts and tried to write our own. They turned out very well! Have a read by clicking on the links below.

Inside Me, By Adrian                                                Inside Me, By Luke                                       Inside Me, By Seth